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Cut daytime lighting costs by 80%

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Custom and Standard Skylights

Domes, Pyramids, Vaults, Sloped Glaze, Ready-made and DIY
Advanced glazing systems to light up any space. With over 30 years of manufacturing and installing skylights for the commercial and residential market, Rainbow Skylight has earned its unrivalled position as the skylight industry leader in Southern Africa.

Our diverse, high-quality range of standard and custom skylights are manufactured at our premises, using only the highest quality materials.

  • An in-house architect for custom designs
  • A variety of basic shapes, glazing materials, and ventilation options, customisable to the needs and preferences of each client
  • High impact acrylic, polycarbonate, or glass (clear or UV-resistant tint)

Multilight® Seamless Glazing Systems

Skylights, Façades, Cladding, Canopies, and Partitions

Experiment with light, colour, and form without compromising on function

Our Multilight® Seamless Glazing Systems enable architects to push the limits of commercial building design whilst ensuring that all practical requirements are met. The translucent Multilight® panels transform buildings into works of art using light and colour, creating stunning effects throughout the day and night.

  • Optimal natural light in the building throughout the day
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Lightweight, self-flashing panels – less structural support needed

Industrial Eco Lighting Solutions

Rainbowlite Eco & Multilight Eco

Cut daytime lighting costs by 80%

Rainbow Skylight’s flagship eco skylight range offers a cost-effective natural light solution for commercial and industrial warehousing spaces, for a comfortable and appealing working or retail environment.

  • Long-term savings of up to 80% in daytime lighting costs
  • Excellent insulation properties and lux levels
  • Increased factory productivity and retail traffic
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